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New screenshots on OS4/A1

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This is Audio Evolution 4 running natively on OS4 on the AmigaOne. Realtime effect plug-ins like reverb and compression are also running natively.

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Range editing of one or more tracks simultaneously: cut, copy, paste, cross-fade with unlimited undo. As ranges can be saved to disk, this is a very fast and safe alternative to editing your samples in a destructive sample editor. Also shown is the standard 3-band EQ and 4 auxillary sends for each track, and subgroup control.

grab 3
You can now also run AE4 on the Workbench screen and replace almost all graphics, like buttons and backgrounds. Here, the control window has received different buttons and the mixer meter graphics are replaced. The AHI audio mode selector shows that in this case, AE4 uses a native FM801 driver, which supports the Terratec 512i amongst others, including its digital out.

Older screenshots

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