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Frequently asked questions

Q: When I record, the sound from the existing tracks bleed into the new track. How can I solve that? A: The internal microphone will pick up any sound, including the sound coming from your speakers, this is pure physics. To solve this, you need to separate those signals. This can be done by using headphones, a headset or a USB audio interface. If you do not have such equipment, you can reduce this behavior by setting the 'Audio System' in the settings to 'Oboe/AAudio' and then run 'Determine latency' from the 'More' menu. This should give a jitter of around 0 milliseconds.

When you are using headphones and still got track bleed, then you are probably using a 3-pole connector. Android devices use a 4-pole socket (TRRS) and the output poles can touch the mic pole, causing bleed (see for example). You would need a splitter cable, but beware that some of these are wired incorrectly.

Q: Where do I find the metronome? A: Please tap once on the time indicator at the bottom.

Q: How do I fade in/out? A: There are 3 ways of doing that:

  1. Select Edit mode and make sure you are zoomed in vertically such that white boxes appear at the top of each audio clip. The left and right boxes are handles that let you fade in/out the clip.
  2. Please long-tap a sample, select Offline fx and then 'Fade in/out' to apply fading to a copy of the sample.
  3. Use the automation feature to make more complex fades.

Q: The app doesn't start up, but the demo works fine?? A: We use several technologies to defeat piracy. In 99% of the cases that the app doesn't start up at all, people will have some app-cracking app installed and we refuse to start. If you are absolutely sure you do not have such a thing installed and you get an Exception message showing that a library was missing, please try uninstalling and re-installing from the Play Store. If that fails, please contact us at info AT

Q: Where is the pitch shifter, how do I time stretch? A: Please long-tap a sample and select Offline fx. There you'll find these features.

Q: I am running Android 4.4 or higher and I cannot access my external sd card! What's going on? A: Google has blocked access to the external sd card. Apps can only read/write from their own directory. You need to create an AudioEvolution directory in:


If you do not have a 'com.extreamsd.aemobile' directory there, you need to create it as well. However, we do not support this explicitly from our app, because when you remove the app, ALL DATA from that directory will be DELETED. So, you have been warned!

Q: My recordings have scratchy sound! What to do? A: Scratching sounds can have two causes:

  • Input level too high: if the level meter goes into the 'red' when you record, it is too high and clipping occurs. You can also see it at playback when the waveform hits the top or bottom of the container
  • Wrong buffer size when using OpenSLES. Please see the app's preferences 'Audio system selection' if you are using 'Standard Android audio' or 'OpenSLES'. If you have 'Standard Android audio', then the cause is probably too high input level. If you have 'OpenSLES' selected, please set the OpenSLES buffer size to 'Native buffer size' if you have Android 4.2 or higher. Otherwise, test with several different OpenSLES buffer sizes until the problem disappears.
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