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 +===== Installation =====
 +==== Windows ====
 +Installation is pretty much straightforward:​ start the .msi installation file you downloaded from the website and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
 +You can leave the default settings which means that Audio Evolution 5 will be installed in your Program Files directory, like C:\Program Files\eXtream Software Development\Audio Evolution 5. Under 64-bit Windows, this will likely be C:\Program Files (x86)\eXtream Software Development\Audio Evolution 5.
 +After installation,​ a folder 'Audio Evolution'​ will appear under the Start Menu with two items in it, namely the executable 'Audio Evolution 5' and a PDF explaining the shortcut keys. Select 'Audio Evolution'​ to start the program.
 +==== OS X ====
 +Open the .dmg file and copy the Audio Evolution directory to your Applications directory or somewhere on your hard drive. Inside the Audio Evolution directory, you will find several files, but right now only two are important: '​AE5'​ will start the program and ShortcutsAE5.pdf is a PDF explaining the shortcut keys.
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