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Using Audio Evolution Mobile, you will be able to record your new song ideas on the road, edit new and existing audio material, mix it down in high quality and share it with the world! Or keep it all for yourselves, it's up to you!

In contrast to simple recorder apps, you can make consecutive recordings, layering track by track. For example, starting with a (ready-made) beat and recording vocals on the next track while listening to the existing tracks.

After recording, you can edit the audio samples by slicing, trimming, cut/copy/pasting, etc. And all of this is non-destructive, meaning that you do not alter samples on disk and you can undo and redo every editing action you have applied.

Next to this, you can also work with MIDI and virtual instruments, importing MIDI files or playing instruments live from a MIDI keyboard. A piano roll editor lets you edit non-destructively, just as with audio.

Create mixes by controlling each track's volume, panning, EQ and apply real-time effects such as reverb, delay and chorus. You can even automate volume and panning to create interesting fades etc.

We hope you will enjoy using Audio Evolution Mobile. Please contact us at all times in case you are experiencing issues or want to suggest features by sending an email to We are friendly people and usually answer within two days (usually much shorter!).

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