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Android menu

There are also several menus available in Audio Evolution Mobile. How to activate the menu depends on your Android device and Android version. Some devices have a physical 'Menu' button, usually located on the bottom left of a phone. Other devices, usually tablets, have several soft-buttons on the bottom-left or bottom-center including 'Back' and 'Home'. In Audio Evolution Mobile, a 'Menu' button is added to this row. In Android version 4.0 or higher, this is displayed as several dots or lines on top of each other. Note that on some devices, this button is actually on the bottom-right of the screen.


Options: In the project options you can make settings that are applicable for the current project only. Here you can choose the sample rate you wish to work in, but you can only change it if there is no sample loaded yet (i.e. an empty project). 44100 Hz should always be available since that is the only officially supported rate by Google. However, we query the system for a number of rates and the ones that give no error are presented.

New project: Starts a new, empty project. You will need to give your project a name, so this will be used as directory name where imported and recorded samples are stored under.

Load project: Opens a list of all projects that are in the /sdcard/AudioEvolution subdirectories. For each project, you will see a TempProject.prj which is used as a back-up when switching off/on your device.

Save project (as): Saves all project information, including tracks, sample positions/lengths, effect parameters, volume levels, etc.

Delete project: You will have two options here: either physically delete all samples and project files or just the project file alone.

Mixdown project: Also known as 'mastering'. This will mix down the whole project as a single stereo sample. You can choose the resolution and file type here. Note that some combinations are not possible, like 32-bit float flac files. Also note that exporting to mp3 is not possible due to patent/licensing issues (a mp3 license costs $15000/year + a unit fee!)


Latency correction: Please see our tutorial on Latency and latency correction


Online manual: Opens a web browser and jumps to these pages.

About: Shows information on 3rd party libraries used, translators and system information like screen resolution

Contact the developers: Select GMail to send a question, suggestion or bug report to the developers. Please be kind and as detailed as possible. This will have the most chance of success.

Version Info: Shows the latest additions to this version: bug reports and new features

Keyboard shortcuts: Shows the keys you can use when using Audio Evolution Mobile in combination with a keyboard (dock, USB or Bluetooth)

Pop-up menus

The time line and mixer displays feature various pop-up menu. Long press an item to pop-up a menu (when available).

Sample pop-up menu

Track pop-up menu

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