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 +===== Offline effects =====
 +When choosing any of the effects below, a copy of the selected sample will be created and the effect will be applied to the copied sample. The sample on the time line will be replaced by the copy.
 +  * **Fade in/out**: applies a fade effect to the start or end of your sample. You can set the fade time where the sample will be gradually faded in and/or out. Note that you can also apply fades by using [[Automation]].
 +  * **Normalize**:​ analyses your sample and determines its maximum amplitude. The sample'​s volume will be increased so that the maximum is 0dB (the highest value). You can apply this when your recording was too soft for example. Note that this can increase hiss/noise.
 +  * **Reverse**:​ reverse the sample as a special effect.
 +  * **Pitch shift**: changes the pitch of the sample in semi-tone steps +/- one octave. This can decrease the quality of your sample.
 +  * **Time stretch**: alters the duration of your sample, for example for beat matching or slowing down that guitar solo that you always wanted to learn but is just too fast. After the instructional dialog, grab a sample'​s edge and move it to how long you want the sample to be. You can make it shorter or longer. **Note**: When you have difficulty in grabbing the sample'​s edge, you can increase the Touch Range from the Preferences
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