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 +=== Using the headset input ===
 +When you do not connect anything to your Android device, the internal microphone is used. You can however, connect a headset to the mini-jack input: this needs to have a 4-pole TRRS connector for stereo headphones and  a mono microphone. This works on the majority of devices. This method can be beneficial, because when using the internal microphone and the speaker of the Android device, the mic may pick up what is playing back through the speaker! When using a headset, these signals are separated. Note that you can also use devices like IK Multimedia'​s iRig line of mics/​pre-amps as well, which have the 4-pole TRRS connectors as well.
 +There exist adapters with two 3-pole female connectors (mic+headphones) and a 4-pole male connector. This can sometimes work as well, but we do not have enough data on which ones work on which Android devices.
 +**Note for Nexus 7 users**: the connector on the Nexus 7 is for headphones only! 
-==== Using a USB audio interface ==== 
-Please refer to the section on [[USBAudioSupport|using USB audio interfaces]].+ 
 +==== iOS ==== 
 +The input gain can be set in the app's preferences under 'Input gain'.
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