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Solving licensing issues


In order to facilitate the refund period and fight piracy, we use Google's licensing server to validate your license online in the first 24 hours after purchasing the app. Please make sure you are online in the first day or two of use, after that there will be no more license checks, unless you re-install the app or clear its cache.

The checks will occur at first start-up and the first time you start up the app after 24 hours of purchase.

This licensing scheme is in effect from version 3.0 onwards. If you purchased the app prior to the release of version 3.0, your license will be checked once more after 90 days of your purchase, and not anymore after that.

What to do on license validation failure?

There are several things to try when you see the license validation failure message. Here are the most important ones:

  • You need to be online for the license to be validated in the first 24 hours after installing the app. Make sure you have a good 3G or WiFi connection. If it fails and you have both 3G and WiFi, try with turning off WiFi.
  • Reboot your device: long-press the power button and select Shutdown. After your device has shut down, start it again and wait for the Home screen to appear. Open your Internet browser to see if you are online. Then start the app again.
  • Did you change your account after purchasing the app? Or did Google ask you to change from Googlemail to GMail? Open the Play Store app and tap near the top-left on the Play Store logo. See if you are still using the same account as when you purchased the app. The license is bound to the account name you used to purchase with. If you changed from Googlemail to GMail, you need to pick your GMail account.
  • Clear the Play Store and Download manager cache as described here:
  • Make sure your device is licensed for use with Google Play: if your device is not in the following list, then you cannot use apps that use Google's licensing server:

If all this fails, please contact us at, stating your Android model, Android version and the GMail account that is currently active in your Play Store app.

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