Welcome to Audio Evolution Mobile, eXtream Software Development's fully featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for your mobile device. It is the complete solution for all of your audio recording and music creation needs when you are on the go, boasting sophisticated features that allow you to do everything necessary to compose, record, automate and mix-down your completed tracks to a professional standard.

Audio Evolution Mobile has full multi-track audio recording and advanced non-destructive editing capabilities, but it offers so much more than just that. It has full MIDI functionality, allowing you to create and edit MIDI instrument and drum tracks and also connect your external MIDI keyboard and hardware (*). With those MIDI tracks, you can use soundfont based virtual instruments and Evolution One, Audio Evolution Mobile's stunning virtual analog synthesizer based on Synth One by AudioKit. High quality soundfont instruments from Digital Sound Factory can be purchased via the in-app store and you can also create your own soundfont instruments from within the app. You can also easily apply real-time effects to your tracks using the FX Grid which also allows for parallel processing - a first for mobile DAWs! Talking of effects, Audio Evolution Mobile has a full range of its own high quality audio effects (including Vocal Tune PRO as an in-app purchase) but it also allows you to purchase a range of professional quality effects from ToneBoosters at reduced prices, including their wonderful Version 4 effects. Want a tempo change, either gradual or immediate, during your track? Well, Audio Evolution Mobile can do that. You can add automation, both manually or by touch-recording, to just about every parameter you can imagine across the entire app including the virtual instruments and, finally, you can take full control over your final mix-down and export. 

Audio Evolution Mobile also features eXtreme Software Development's pitch and time correction editor Vocal Tune Studio as an in-app purchase. Vocal Tune Studio represents the first vocal pitch editor for mobile devices with such in-depth controls and functionality as were previously only available within desktop software.

Whether combined with a USB Audio Interface (*) for higher quality recording, low latency and full input capabilities, or used with your device's microphone for quickly grabbing ideas and making demos, Audio Evolution Mobile has all of your musical needs covered. And if you want to record and edit your podcast in high quality, or even just record your lectures, then you can very easily do all of that too.

This user manual will guide you through the complete features of Audio Evolution Mobile and enable you to fully utilize the many powerful tools it places at your fingertips.

* Connecting external MIDI devices and USB Audio Interfaces requires them to be Class Compliant USB Devices and for your mobile device to have USB host/OTG (on-the-go) functionality. You will also require an OTG adapter cable. Some external devices may require their own power supply should their needs exceed what your mobile device can supply via USB.

Screen sizes

All images in this user manual were taken using a tablet. When using a phone or a smaller tablet, the available space is smaller and as such, it may look different on your device. However, all functionality is still there. In situations were buttons cannot be displayed by lack of space, a More button will be displayed where you can find the missing options.