Welcome to Vocal Tune Studio from eXtream Software Development. Vocal Tune Studio provides an environment where users can have full control over the tuning and timing of their vocal recordings.

While real time pitch correction has been available for some time on mobile devices - including eXtream Software’s own Vocal Tune Pro within Audio Evolution Mobile Studio - Vocal Tune Studio represents the first vocal pitch editor for mobile devices with such in-depth controls and functionality as were previously only available within desktop software.

Vocal Tune Studio is seamlessly integrated into Audio Evolution Mobile Studio on both the Android and iOS (universal support for both iPad and iPhone) platforms and is available as an in-app purchase.

Vocal Tune Studio has two editing modes: 'Pitch and time' and 'Time only'. 'Pitch and time' mode allows you to fully control the pitch of detected notes within your audio file on a piano roll editor with various per-note editable parameters and scale detection. It also allows you to create and manipulate time stretching points to alter the timing of aspects of the recorded performance whilst maintaining the pitch (original or tuned). 'Time only' mode allows you to define stretching points and change the timings within an audio clip whilst always maintaining the original pitch.

Vocal Tune Studio 'Pitch and time' mode has been designed and built to be used for solo vocal recordings and its features are tailored to produce the best results possible specifically for such recordings. That said, it can be used with other recordings but please ensure that recordings are of a monophonic (one note at a time) sound source: Vocal Tune Studio 'Pitch and time' mode has not been built to analyze/recognize polyphonic (many notes at once) sound recordings.

Vocal Tune Studio 'Time only' mode, on the other hand, can be used successfully on any audio clip.

This manual will guide you through the full functionality of Vocal Tune Studio.